Friday, February 6

New Zealand: Volume Three


Its been a while since I've had the chance to blog. I won't go into too much detail. In fact, all the pictures for the blog (and more! :o ) can be found on my Flickr page.

Let's Friday 30th we knew the weather wouldn't hold out for too long.


As you can see, we've had some mist and rain from Fox Glacier and while travelling to Greymouth...


and Punakaika (Pancake Rocks).


This is the chimney pot. The waves from the sea come rushing in and the spray seems to travel up and out!


..and heres a Weka waiting for some pancakes from the cafe XD


The weather soon cleared up as we got to our destination for the night in Motueka.

31st: We set off to explore the Farewell Spit. My goodness was it hot! It had to be near the 30's in the shade. But this didn't deter us from having a couple of nice strolls. Although, to be honest, Mum and I stayed and sat in the shade while Dad went to explore, hehe.


1st Feb: On towards Picton today, stopping at Nelson for a little stroll on the beach and a picnic somewhere on the 'Queen Charlotte Scenic Drive'. Kind of a travelling/chillout day before getting on the Ferry to the North Island tomorrow.


2nd: Early start... 5:20am to get up and ready to get the 8am Ferry to Wellington. I think I was a bit of a zombie :D Not many pictures as, strangely i felt a little sea sick. It wasn't a bad crossing, only a little choppy. I did however, spot a mini at the port. Huzzah! I've seen a few so I know I could get one if I wanted to live here :D


Met up with my Dad's cousin, Wendy. She put us up for a few nights so she could show us around Wellington. She has a wonderful house in Pouamata! And two lovely cats, Willis and Letta (shown here).


3rd: Wendy took us into Wellington and showed us around the Te Papa museum. I couldn't believe this place was free! We only had time for a couple of exhibits. I'm sure it would take a week to be able to explore the whole place and properly absorb all of the information on offer.


We also did some shopping, although we didn't actually spend any money... so i guess it was window shopping :) There were some lovely boutiques, selling local New Zealand crafts and goods and also crafts from around the world (Any one heard of boygirlparty? Her goods were in a shop called 'Madame Fancy Pants'! Awesome!)

After shopping, Wendy took us for a scenic drive on the Coast and we had some milkshakes at a cool surf cafe. Check out the stair rails XD


4th: A bit cloudier today but still in the mid 20's. Wendy took us to Nga Wamu, a lovely Nature reserve filled with awesome birds, like the Kea, White Faced Heron and fresh water eels. And ducks. Lots of ducks. They wanted our lunch!


Again, it rained on the way back to Wendy's where we chilled out for the rest of the afternoon and had fish and chips.

5th: We left Wellington today, so we had to say goodbye to Wendy, Keila and Sharon. (Thanks for having us, guys!!) But we had a long long long drive to Waitomo Caves. Stopped of at one or two places for a nose around, but not alot going on today.


6th: We went on a Glow worm tour with Spellbound today. These little guys are awesome and not really glow worms, but hey, it sounds better than nasty Gnats. Not many pictures of the glow worms themselves, our camera's aren't that great :/ But plenty of the other cave we explored, 'The Cave of the Spirit'.


We met Bernard, a Goat who decided to explore the cave, but didn't get very far :S


And Betsie, the cow.


And...Moa bones!


For those who aren't in the know, the Moa was a large bird, similar to that of the Emu and Ostrich. Unfortunately they were hunted to extinction.

After the tour of the caves, we had a little picnic for lunch and had a look in 'The Shearing Shed' which is filled with 350 Angora Rabbits! Here is 'Jezebel' waiting to be sheared. And yes, I bought some yarn. How could I resist?

P1010236 much for not going in to detail.

I'll make it a bit lighter next time!


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