Wednesday, January 14

Old WIPs...

Its been a while since I've actually posted any projects I'm working on. Sorry, this is going to be a big post to make up for all the lost time :o

First up though, in light of my resolution to make TomatoTea more successful this year I have rearranged my bedroom to be more productive.

Studio Jan 2009P1000322

Uh, no before shot. I didn't think I'd blog about it to be honest! And the second picture is terrible, my room is quite dark, so it's hard to get the exposure right :( But you get the idea.

So on to the projects.

The majority are half made bags; knitted, crocheted and waiting for some lovely linning :) Heres some thumbs from Flickr:


I've also got 'Thermal' on the needles... and the knit picks gloss is staining them XD. Admittedly, I haven't got far with that one but I'm taking it to New Zealand in the hopes of getting it done.

Yes. That's right. DONE.

I just wish I could knit on the plane... I have 16+ hours to kill on the way there and back ;_;

Also, I'm in the middle of crocheting some baskets for my new 'Studio' (can I call it that if I sleep in there? XD). Parcel string is dead hard on the hands though. I need to work out if I'm making the most of the string by crocheting in the round (as shown) or if its more 'economical' to crochet back and forth. I'll get back to you guys on that one at a later date!

I think thats enough of an update for now.

Oh, and Happy New Year :)


Anonymous said...

uuuu... nice place you have there.... I like your huge monitor and I recognize some things :)

and you have those cat statues as well!!!! :D

speaking about crocheting/knitting on the plane... just take your wooden or plastic needles with you and put them in your backpack... they just might let you through... oooor ... one could knit with a pencil too, right? :)

and the post wasn't long at all... I almost went to get me some tea when I read it'll be long but hey.... it was too damn short! :D

have fun my friend!


chainSHAW said...

i love where you live :O

hey i tried to 'follow' you but can't seem to figure it out. i tried to find a button.. but it has eluded me for some time.

Katrina said...

Hey nini!

Hehe, i couldn't believe it when my bf got those status for me, I was like "OMG my friend has these and i love them!" :D Perfect present really. I think mine are a darker set to yours. Or are they all hand painted?

I need to look this knitting on the plane thing up. I'm pretty sure it would be confiscated and I wouldn't want to risk that!! :O But i'm with you on that, those little, wooden, blunt needles couldn't do any harm. Hehe pencils! Great idea!

Ah, sorry to disapoint you with the length, I think I thought i would ramble on about stuff a lot more. Guess i kept in low key. Hey, this comment is probably longer! XD

Keep well Nina :) Big hugs to you!

But...its messy!

Thanks for following btw, I hope to keep in contact with a little better now :)

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