Monday, January 26

New Zealand: Volume One

Greetings from New Zealand everyone!

And wow.

Just wow. What a country. I fell in love with the place as soon as i set eyes on the land from the aeroplane. And that was when i really got excited, when i finally realised that i was on holiday half way around the world! The flights were long and hard, particularly Dubai to Sydney, but when you finally arrive, you forget all that. Its completely worth feeling like a battery hen for over 27 hours, because its just so breath taking. I can already say i feel at home.

On to pictures and such!

NZ: Christchurch, River AvonNZ: Christchurch, River Avon

Well, we spent our first few days in Christchurch, third largest city in NZ. It doesn't feel like a city though, as its not all sky high buildings and its quite open. It also has the river Avon running through it and some nice small parks, loads of trees. Its really clean and feels really safe too. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

NZ: ChirstchurchNZ: Chirstchurch

We met up with my Dads old work mate who emigrated here 3 years ago. They are doing really well and loving it here. They showed us around, took us on the Gondola just out side of town, up Mount Pleasant over looking Lyttleton Harbour. From here, we headed off for an early dinner at a place called 'She' which overlooked the harbour. Not only was the setting lovely, but the food! Who would have thought that chocolate would go with chicken salad, or lamb!? They knew what they were doing because it went perfectly. The deserts afterwards were even better! We all had a chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce. I really can't describe how delicious it was. I have never had such a wonderful meal.

NZ: Mount PleasantNZ: Mount Pleasant/Lyttleton Harbour

On our last morning, we had an absolutely amazing punt on the river Avon. It was so peaceful and pretty – if you ever go to Christchurch, do it! You won't be disappointed.

NZ: Punting on the river Avon

After we packed up, we headed for our next destination – Twizel. On the way there, I did my first bit of driving. To those of you who drive automatics – you must be mad! I didn't feel like i was in control of the car at all! But i'm getting used to it, the more i do. Manuals are better though.
Anyhoo, we stopped off at Lake Tekapo. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.


The pictures don't do this place justice. The Church is that of 'The Good Shepard'.


Moving on from here we arrived at Twizel, booking in to some nice chalets.


We drove to Mount Cook for some dinner. The cafe was in the most breathtaking of spots. It was fantastic to be so close to the mountains while enjoying dinner!


We are now on our way to Queenstown.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks beautiful!!! I really, really want to visit NZ, even more so now. Have a lovely time.

Molly x

Dirk said...

I am _so_ jealous... :D
It looks so beautiful and I think "WOW" describes it pretty good. After all I think you deserve this holiday. But stay there right away! Visiting you in NZ costs me much more than GB :P Although it would be worth it.

Oh an d I know what you mean with the automatic. It's horrible.

PS: did I mention that I'm really jealous? :)

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