Thursday, September 3

Bath Time on Coriandr

This week I was looking out for soapy items on Coriandr. Now, there are people out there who like getting soaps for Christmas, but I have to say I'm not one of them. I'd rather they just stuck with a card and not worried as commercially made soaps always make my skin feel horrid after using them. However, handmade soaps are a different story. I find these are a lot kinder to your skin, especially if they are made from the right ingredients! So here's what I found over on Coriandr:

Black Raspberry Vanilla Natural Soap - Saffronbarr

This soap looks good enough to eat. I bet it smells fantastic too.

Natural Handmade Goat's Milk Soap - Everything4Bathtime

A soap made from Goats milk which is extra mosturising with a scent of sweet oranges. Sounds wonderful!

Honey Almond & Lavender Handmade Soap - Indie Cafe Lounge

Another soap that looks good enough to eat! This one has a scent of Almond and Lavender.

Brown and Yellow Flower Soap Dish - Pennydog

This dish is the perfect place to keep your soap. Made in resin with a lovely piece of retro fabric embedded inside.

Natural Oak Impressed Ceramic Dish - CharlotteCeramics

And this soap dish has been impressed with a piece of bark for texture, which has then been highlighted using different glazes. Truly stunning!


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